Welcome to the Hatchery Reform Project

Welcome to the website for the Pacific Northwest Hatchery Reform Project. The US Congress established the project in 2000 because it recognized that while hatcheries play a legitimate role in meeting harvest and conservation goals for Pacific Northwest salmon and steelhead, the hatchery system is in need of comprehensive reform.

The project’s independent scientific review panel, the Hatchery Scientific Review Group (HSRG), reviewed all state, tribal and federal hatchery programs in the Columbia River Basin (2009) and the Puget Sound and Coastal Washington (2004).

Recent reports:

All other products from the Hatchery Reform Project, including the full Columbia Basin System Wide Report and the HSRG’s 2004 report on the principles, tools and recommendations for the Puget Sound/Coastal Washington Review, are available on the Reports page of this website.

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