Hatchery Scientific Review Group Members

The members of the Hatchery Scientific Review Group (HSRG) for the Puget Sound and Coastal Washington review were chosen from a pool of candidates nominated by the American Fisheries Society. The original nine member HSRG was expanded in 2006 to include individuals with specific knowledge about Columbia River salmon and steelhead. The members who joined the HSRG for the Columbia River review were selected by the original HSRG based on their expertise with hatcheries in general and Columbia River programs in particular.

The current HSRG is composed of 15 members. Seven are affiliated with agencies and tribes in the Pacific Northwest. The remaining eight members are unaffiliated biologists. Affiliated members do not represent their agency or tribe, but are expected to bring only their individual, scientific expertise to the table. The intent of this structure and approach is to ensure the HSRG maintains scientific independence and impartiality while at the same time including members with comprehensive knowledge of salmonid populations and hatchery programs in the regions it reviews. New members are appointed according to established by-laws; policies and procedures are updated regularly.

Current Members Affiliation
Mr. Andy Appleby Independent Consultant – Co-Chair
Dr. Brian Beckman NOAA Fisheries
Mr. Lee Blankenship Independent Consultant – Vice-Chair
Mr. Gary Byrne Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Dr. Donald Campton U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Dr. Ken Currens Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
Mr. Tom Flagg Independent Consultant
Ms. Jeannie Heltzel Independent Consultant
Mr. Eric Kinne Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Dr. Peter Paquet Independent Consultant – Co-Chair
Mr. Scott Patterson Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Dr. Maureen Purcell U.S. Geological Survey
Dr. Greg Ruggerone Independent Consultant
Dr. Steve Schroder Independent Consultant
Dr. Lisa Seeb University of Washington
Past Members Affiliation
Mr. John Barr Independent Consultant – Past Vice-Chair
Mr. Mike Delarm NOAA Fisheries
Dr. Trevor Evelyn Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Independent Consultant
Dr. David Fast Yakama Nation
Dr. Jeffrey Gislason Bonneville Power Administration
Mr. Paul Kline Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Dr. Conrad Mahnken NOAA Fisheries
Dr. Lars Mobrand Independent Consultant – Past Chair
Mr. Robert Piper U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Independent Consultant
Mr. Paul Seidel Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Mr. Stephen Smith Independent Consultant
Dr. Bill Smoker University of Alaska, Independent Consultant