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Click the "Map" link to view interactive mapping assembled by the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC).

For questions or corrections of spatial data (populations or facilities), or for problems with the interactive mapper, please contact Denise Kelsey or David Graves at (503) 238-0667 or

ID Population Name
208 2-Asotin Summer Steelhead (A-run) Map
213 Grande Ronde_Lookingglass Creek Spring Chinook Map
214 Grande Ronde_Catherine Creek Spring Chinook Map
215 7-Grande Ronde_Lostine Spring Chinook Map
216 Grande Ronde_Upper Grande RondeSpring Chinook Map
217 8-Grande Ronde_Lower Grande Ronde Summer Steelhead Map
218 8A-Grande Ronde_Cottonwood Creek Summer Steelhead (Wallowa-Lyons Ferry-Hatchery) Map
220 10-Grande Ronde_Wallowa Summer Steelhead Map
222 9-Imnaha Spring-Summer Chinook Map
223 24-Imnaha Summer Steelhead Map
224 Snake Hells Canyon Fall Chinook Map
228 Snake Hells Canyon Spring Chinook (Oxbow Hatchery) Map
229 25-Snake Hells Canyon Summer Steelhead Map
230 25A-Snake Hells Canyon Summer Steelhead (Oxbow-Hatchery) Map
231 Entiat Spring Chinook Map
232 Entiat Spring Chinook (NFH Hatchery) Map
233 Entiat Summer Steelhead Map
234 Methow_Methow-Chewuch Spring Chinook Map
235 Methow Spring Chinook (Winthrop Hatchery) Map
236 Methow Summer Chinook Map
237 Methow Coho Map
238 Methow Summer Steelhead Map
240 Okanogan-Similkimeen Summer Chinook Map
245 Upper Middle Columbia_Mainstem Summer Chinook (Turtle Rock-Hatchery) Map
247 Wenatchee_Chiwawa Spring Chinook Map
248 Wenatchee Spring Chinook (Leavenworth NFH)- Hatchery Map
249 Wenatchee Summer Chinook Map
250 Wenatchee Coho Map
251 Wenatchee Sockeye Map
252 Wenatchee Summer Steelhead Map
253 White Salmon Fall Chinook (Tule) Map
254 White Salmon Summer Steelhead (Skamania-Hatchery) Map
256 White Salmon Winter Steelhead (Skamania-Hatchery) Map
257 Columbia Gorge_Spring Creek Fall Chinook (Tules-Hatchery) Map
259 Fifteenmile Creek Winter Steelhead Map
260 Hood Fall Chinook Map
261 Hood Spring Chinook Map
265 Hood Summer Steelhead Map
267 Hood Winter Steelhead Map
270 Klickitat Fall Chinook (URB-Hatchery) Map
271 Klickitat Spring Chinook Map
272 Klickitat Coho (Lewis-Hatchery) Map
273 Klickitat Coho (Washougal-Hatchery) Map
274 Klickitat Summer-Winter Steelhead Map
276 Klickitat Summer Steelhead (Skamania-Hatchery) Map
277 Little White Salmon Fall Chinook (URB-Hatchery) Map
278 Little White Salmon Spring Chinook (Hatchery) Map
279 Litte White Coho (Hatchery) Map
281 Wind Fall Chinook (Tule) Map
283 Wind Spring Chinook (Hatchery) Map
284 Wind Summer Steelhead Map
286 Columbia Lower Middle Hanford Fall Chinook (Priest Rapids Upriver Brights) Map
287 Columbia Lower Middle_Ringold Summer Steelhead (Wells) Map
288 Deschutes Fall Chinook Map
289 Deschutes Spring Chinook (RoundButte-Hatchery) Map
290 Deschutes Spring Chinook Map
291 Deschutes_Eastside Tributaries Summer Steelhead Map
292 John Day_Upper Mainstem John Day Spring Chinook Map
293 John Day_Lower Mainstem Summer Steelhead Map
295 Snake Lower Summer Steelhead (Lyons Ferry) Map
296 1-Tucannon Spring Chinook Map
298 1A-Tucannon Summer Steelhead (Lyons Ferry) Map
299 1-Tucannon Summer Steelhead Map
300 Umatilla Fall Chinook Map
301 Umatilla Spring Chinook Map
302 Umatilla Coho Map
303 Umatilla Summer Steelhead Map
304 Walla Walla Spring Chinook Map
305 Walla Walla Summer Steelhead Map
306 Walla Walla Summer Steelhead (Lyons Ferry-Hatchery) Map
307 Walla Walla_Touchet Summer Steelhead Map
308 Yakima_American Spring Chinook Map
309 Yakima_Naches Spring Chinook Map
311 Yakima_Marion Drain Fall Chinook Map
312 Yakima_Upper Yakima Spring Chinook Map
313 Yakima Fall Chinook Map
314 Yakima_Coho (Hatchery) Map
315 Yakima_Upper Yakima-Naches Coho Map
316 Yakima_Naches Summer Steelhead Map
317 Yakima_Satus Summer Steelhead Map
318 Yakima_Toppenish Summer Steelhead Map
319 Yakima_Upper Yakima Summer Steelhead Map
320 Columbia Estuary_Youngs Bay Fall Chinook (Rogue Brights-CEDC SAFE-Hatchery) Map
321 Columbia Estuary_Chinook River Fall Chinook Map
322 Columbia Estuary_ Big Creek Fall Chinook (Tules-Hatchery) Map
323 Columbia Estuary_Deep River Spring Chinook (Cowlitz-Merwin-Grays-Hatchery) Map
327 Columbia Estuary_Clatskanie Coho (Late-Type N) Map
328 Columbia Estuary_Youngs Bay Tribs Coho Map
329 Columbia Estuary_Big Creek Coho (Hatchery) Map
331 Columbia Estuary_Youngs Bay Coho (Bonneville-Sandy-Hatchery) Map
333 Columbia Estuary_Chinook River Coho Map
334 Columbia Estuary_Deep River Coho (Early-Type S-Grays-Hatchery) Map
335 Columbia Estuary_Bernie Creek Coho (Late-Type N-FFA) Map
339 Elochoman Fall Chinook Map
340 Elochoman Chum Map
341 Elochoman Coho (Early- Type S) Map
342 Elochoman Coho (Late- Type N) Map
343 Elochoman Winter Steelhead (Early-Hatchery) Map
344 Elochoman Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
345 Elochoman Summer Steelhead (Merwin-Hatchery) Map
347 Grays Fall Chinook Map
348 Columbia Estuary_Grays-Chinook River Chum Map
351 Grays Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
352 Grays Winter Steelhead (Early-Elochoman-Hatchery) Map
353 Cowlitz_Coweeman Fall Chinook Map
354 Cowlitz_Lower Cowlitz Fall Chinook Map
356 Cowlitz_Toutle Fall Chinook Map
357 Cowlitz Chum Map
358 Cowlitz_Lower Cowlitz Coho (Type N) Map
361 Cowlitz_Lower Cowlitz Winter Steelhead (Early-Hatchery) Map
362 Cowlitz_Coweeman Winter Steelhead (Early Elochoman-Hatchery) Map
363 Cowlitz_Lower Cowlitz Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
364 Cowlitz_SF Toutle Summer Steelhead (Hatchery) Map
365 Cowlitz_Lower Cowlitz Summer Steelhead (Skamania-Hatchery) Map
366 Kalama Fall Chinook Map
367 Kalama Spring Chinook Map
369 Kalama Chum Map
370 Kalama Coho (Late- Type N) Map
371 Kalama Coho (Early- Type S) Map
372 Kalama Summer Steelhead Map
373 Kalama Summer Steelhead (Skamania-Hatchery) Map
374 Kalama Winter Steelhead (Early-Hatchery) Map
375 Kalama Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
376 Lewis_NF Lewis Fall Chinook (Lower River Brights) Map
378 Lewis_NF Lewis Spring Chinook Map
379 Lewis Chum Map
380 Lewis_NF Lewis Coho (Early-Type S) Map
381 Lewis_NF Lewis Coho (Late-Type N) Map
383 Lewis_NF Lewis Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
384 Lewis_NF Lewis Winter Steelhead (Merwin-Hatchery) Map
385 Lewis_EF Lewis Summer Steelhead (Skamania-Hatchery) Map
387 Lewis_EF Lewis Winter Steelhead (Skamania-Hatchery) Map
388 Lewis_NF Lewis Summer Steelhead (Merwin-Hatchery) Map
390 Lower Columbia_Bonneville Fall Chinook (Hatchery) Map
392 Lower Columbia_Duncan Creek Chum Map
393 Columbia Estuary_Gnat Creek Coho Map
394 Columbia Gorge_Columbia Gorge Tributaries Coho (Oregon) Map
395 Hood Coho Map
396 Lower Columbia_Bonneville Coho (Hatchery) Map
398 Columbia Gorge_Upper Gorge Tributaries Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
400 Sandy Fall Chinook (Early) Map
401 Sandy Fall Chinook (Late) Map
402 Sandy Spring Chinook Map
403 Sandy Coho Map
404 Sandy Coho (Hatchery) Map
405 Sandy Summer Steelhead (South Santiam-Hatchery) Map
406 Sandy Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
407 Washougal Fall Chinook Map
408 Washougal Chum Map
409 Washougal Coho Map
411 Washougal Winter Steelhead (Early-Skamania-Hatchery) Map
412 Washougal Summer Steelhead (Skamania-Hatchery) Map
413 Willamette_Clackamas Fall Chinook Map
414 Willamette_Upper Willamette Fall Chinook (Non-Native) Map
415 Willamette_Clackamas Spring Chinook (Hatchery) Map
416 Willamette_McKenzie Spring Chinook Map
417 Willamette_MF Willamette Spring Chinook Map
418 Willamette_Molalla Spring Chinook Map
419 Willamette_North Santiam Spring Chinook Map
420 Willamette_South Santiam Spring Chinook Map
421 Willamette_Upper Clackamas Coho Map
422 Willamette_Lower Clackamas Coho Map
423 Willamette_Clackamas-Eagle Creek Coho (Hatchery) Map
424 Willamette_Calapooia Winter Steelhead(Late) Map
426 Willamette_Mollalla Winter Steelhead Map
427 Willamette_North Santiam Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
429 Willamette_South Santiam Winter Steelhead Map
431 Willamette_WestSide Tribs Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
432 Willamette_Clackamas-Eagle Creek Winter Steelhead (Early-Hatchery) Map
433 Willamette_Upper Clackamas Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
434 Willamette_Clackamas Summer Steelhead (Hatchery) Map
435 Willamette_Mainstem Willamette Summer Steelhead (S.Santiam-Hatchery) Map
439 5-Clearwater_Lolo Creek Spring Chinook Map
442 4-Clearwater_South Fork Clearwater Spring Chinook Map
443 6B-NF Clearwater_Spring Chinook (Dworshak-Hatchery) Map
444 6A-Clearwater_Middle Fork Clearwater Spring Chinook (Kooskia-Hatchery) Map
446 Clearwater Coho Map
447 6-Clearwater_Lower Clearwater Summer Steelhead (A-Run) Map
448 1-Clearwater_Lochsa Summer Steelhead (B-Run) Map
449 3-Clearwater_SF Clearwater Summer Steelhead (B-Run) Map
450 5-Clearwater_NF Clearwater Summer Steelhead (B-Run-Hatchery) Map
453 25-Salmon_Lemhi River Spring Chinook Map
454 28-Salmon_East Fork Salmon River Spring-Summer Chinook Map
455 10A-Salmon_Little Salmon Spring Chinook (Rapid River-Hatchery) Map
456 31-Salmon_Upper Salmon Mainstem Spring Chinook Map
457 29-Salmon_Yankee Fork Spring Chinook Map
458 13-Salmon_EF-SF Johnson Creek Summer Chinook Map
459 11-Salmon_SF Salmon Summer Chinook Map
460 26-Salmon_Pahsimeroi Summer Chinook Map
461 Salmon_Redfish Lake Sockeye Map
464 21-Salmon_Pahsimeroi Summer Steelhead (A-Run) Map
465 23A-Salmon_Upper Salmon Summer Steelhead (A-Run Sawtooth-Pahsimeroi-Hatchery) Map
466 23B-Salmon_Upper Salmon Summer Steelhead (B-Run Dworshak-Hatchery) Map
467 22-Salmon_East Fork Salmon Summer Steelhead Map
508 1a-Clearwater_Lochsa Spring Chinook (Hatchery) Map
509 2-Asotin Spring-Summer Chinook Map
510 3-Grande Ronde_Wenaha Spring Chinook Map
512 10A-Grande Ronde_Wallowa Summer Steelhead (Hatchery) Map
518 2a-Clearwater_Lower Selway Spring Chinook (Hatchery) Map
519 4A-Clearwater_South Fork Clearwater Spring Chinook (Hatchery) Map
521 2-Clearwater_Selway Summer Steelhead (B-Run) Map
522 10-Salmon_Little Salmon Spring-Summer Chinook Map
523 11A-Salmon_SF Salmon Summer Chinook (McCall-Hatchery) Map
524 19+23-Salmon_Middle Fork_Upper Mainstem Spring-Summer Chinook Map
525 12-Salmon_Secesh Spring Chinook Map
526 14-Salmon_Chamberlain Creek Spring Chinook Map
527 15-Salmon_Big Creek Spring Chinook Map
528 16-Salmon_Middle Fork_Lower Mainstem Spring-Summer Chinook Map
529 17-Salmon_Camas Creek Spring Chinook Map
530 18-Salmon_Loon Creek Spring Chinook Map
531 20-Salmon_Sulphur Creek Spring Chinook Map
532 21-Salmon_Bear Valley Spring Chinook Map
533 22-Salmon_Marsh Creek Spring Chinook Map
534 24-Salmon_NF Salmon River Spring Chinook Map
535 26A-Salmon_Pahsimeroi Summer Chinook (Pahsimeroi Hatchery) Map
536 27-Salmon_Lower Salmon Mainstem Spring Chinook Map
537 30-Salmon_Valley Spring Chinook Map
538 32-Salmon_Panther Creek Spring Chinook (Extirpated) Map
539 21A-Salmon_Pahsimeroi Summer Steelhead (A-Run-Pahsimeroi-Hatchery) Map
540 23-Salmon_Upper Salmon Summer Steelhead (A-Run) Map
541 20-Salmon_Lemhi Summer Steelhead (A-Run) Map
542 19-Salmon_North Fork Salmon Summer Steelhead (A-Run) Map
543 18-Salmon_Panther Creek Summer Steelhead (A-Run) Map
544 16-Salmon_Lower Middle Fork Salmon Summer Steelhead (B-Run) Map
545 17-Salmon_Upper Middle Fork Salmon Summer Steelhead (B-Run) Map
546 15-Salmon_Chamberlain Summer Steelhead (A-Run) Map
547 14-Salmon_Secesh Summer Steelhead (B-Run) Map
548 13-Salmon_South Fork Summer Steelhead (B-Run) Map
549 12-Salmon_Little Salmon Summer Steelhead (A-Run) Map
550 12A-Salmon_Little Salmon Summer Steelhead (A-Run-Pahsimeroi-Oxbow-Hatchery) Map
551 6-Grande Ronde_Minam Spring Chinook Map
553 9-Grande Ronde_Joseph Summer Steelhead Map
554 11-Grande Ronde_Upper Grande Ronde Summer Steelhead Map
558 Washougal Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
559 Deschutes Summer Steelhead (RoundButte-Hatchery) Map
561 Lewis_EF Lewis Fall Chinook (Tule) Map
566 Columbia Estuary_Youngs Bay Spring Chinook (CEDC SAFE-Willamette-Hatchery) Map
572 Lower Columbia_Salmon Creek Winter Steelhead (Skamania-Hatchery) Map
578 Kalama Fall Chinook (Hatchery) Map
579 Kalama Spring Chinook (HSRG Hatchery) Map
580 Kalama Coho (Natural) Map
581 Washougal Fall Chinook (Hatchery) Map
582 Washougal Coho (Stepping Stone Hatchery) Map
588 Columbia Estuary_Youngs Bay Tribs Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
589 Columbia Estuary_Clatskanie Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
590 Columbia Estuary_Big Creek Winter Steelhead (Hatchery) Map
593 Okanogan Summer Steelhead Map
595 White Salmon Summer-Winter Steelhead Map
597 Okanogan Spring Chinook Map
598 Columbia Estuary_Gnat Creek Winter Steelhead (Hatchery) Map
599 Columbia Estuary_Gnat Creek Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
601 Columbia Estuary_Clatskanie Fall Chinook Map
602 Columbia Estuary_Scapoose Fall Chinook Map
603 Columbia Estuary_Big Creek Coho Map
606 Cowlitz_Upper Cowlitz Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
609 Cowlitz_Upper Cowlitz Spring Chinook Map
612 Cowlitz Upper Cowlitz Coho Map
619 Cowlitz_Coweeman Coho (Type N) Map
620 Cowlitz_NF Toutle Summer Steelhead (Hatchery) Map
621 Cowlitz_SF Toutle Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
622 Cowlitz_NF Toutle Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
623 Cowlitz_Coweeman Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
626 Lewis_EF Lewis Coho Map
628 Lewis_EF Lewis Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
629 Lewis_NF Lewis Summer Steelhead Map
630 Lewis_EF Lewis Summer Steelhead Map
632 Lower Columbia_Salmon Creek Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
633 Salmon Creek Chum Map
635 Klickitat Fall Chinook Map
643 Klickitat Coho Map
646 Little White Salmon Fall Chinook (Tule) Map
648 Fifteenmile Creek Coho Map
649 White Salmon Spring Chinook Map
651 White Salmon Coho (Early- Type S) Map
652 Wind Spring Chinook Map
653 Columbia Gorge_Columbia Gorge Tributaries Coho (WA) Map
659 Columbia Gorge_Tributaries Fall Chinook (Tules- Oregon) Map
660 Columbia Gorge_Tributaries Chum (Lower Gorge) Map
661 Columbia Gorge_Tributaries Chum (Upper Gorge) Map
662 Columbia Estuary_Big Creek Fall Chinook (Tules) Map
663 Columbia Estuary_Big Creek Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
664 Columbia Estuary_Mill-Aber-Germ Fall Chinook Map
666 Columbia Estuary_Mill-Aber-Germ Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
667 Grays Coho (Late-Type N) Map
669 Lower Columbia_LC Tribs Fall Chinook (Tules-Oregon) Map
670 Deschutes_Westside Tributaries Summer Steelhead Map
671 Columbia Estuary_Mill-Aber-Germ Chum Map
672 John Day_North Fork Summer Steelhead Map
673 John Day_Middle Fork Summer Steelhead Map
674 John Day_South Fork Summer Steelhead Map
675 John Day_Upper Mainstem Summer Steelhead Map
676 Washougal Summer Steelhead Map
678 Entiat Summer-Fall Chinook (Late Run) Map
681 Columbia Estuary_Mill-Aber-Germ Coho (Type N) Map
682 Sandy Winter Steelhead (HSRG-Hatchery) Map
683 Columbia Estuary_Klaskanine Creek Coho Map
684 Columbia Estuary_Youngs Bay Tribs Winter Steelhead (Hatchery) Map
685 Grays Coho (Early-Type S-Hatchery) Map
686 Umatilla Coho (Bonneville-Cascade-Oxbow-Hatchery) Map
687 Willamette_McKenzie Summer Steelhead (S.Santiam-Hatchery) Map
688 Willamette_MF Willamette Summer Steelhead (S.Santiam-Hatchery) Map
689 Willamette_North Santiam Summer Steelhead (S. Santiam Hatchery) Map
690 Willamette_South Santiam Summer Steelhead (Hatchery) Map
692 Columbia Lower Middle Columbia Fall Chinook (URB-Ringold-Hatchery) Map
693 Columbia Lower Middle_Mainstem Columbia Spring Chinook (Ringold Via LWS-Hatchery) Map
694 Upper Middle Columbia Summer Chinook (Wells Hatchery) Map
695 1-Clearwater_Lochsa Spring Chinook Map
698 6-Clearwater_Lower Clearwater Spring Chinook Map
700 3-Clearwater_Upper Selway Spring Chinook Map
711 Columbia Estuary_Big Creek Chum Map
713 Columbia Estuary_Clatskanie Creek Chum Map
714 Columbia Estuary_Scappoose Coho Map
717 Columbia Estuary_Youngs Bay Tribs Chum Map
721 Cowlitz_Upper Cowlitz Spring Chinook (HSRG Hatchery) Map
722 Cowlitz_Toutle Fall Chinook (Hatchery) Map
724 Lewis_NF Lewis Spring Chinook (Hatchery) Map
727 Columbia Estuary_Youngs Bay Tribs Fall Chinook Map
730 Willamette_Coast Fork Spring Chinook Map
731 Willamette_Lower Willamette Tribs Coho Map
732 Willamett_Upper Willamette Tribs coho Map
733 Willamette_Clackamas Spring Chinook Map
734 Willamette_Lower Clackamas Winter Steelhead (Late) Map
736 Willamette_Callappoia Spring Chinook Map
737 Sandy Chum Map
738 6A-Clearwater_Lower Clearwater Summer Steelhead (B-Run-Hatchery) Map
744 4-Clearwater_Lolo Summer Steelhead (A+B-Run) Map
745 Willamette_Clackamas Chum Map
775 Hood Summer Steelhead (Santiam-Hatchery) Map
777 Lewis_NF Lewis Coho (Late-Type N Hatchery) Map
781 Lewis_NF Lewis Coho (Early-Type S Hatchery) Map
785 2-Clearwater_Lower Selway Spring Chinook Map
786 3a-Clearwater_Upper Selway Spring Chinook (Hatchery) Map
788 31A-Salmon_Upper Salmon Mainstem Spring Chinook (Sawtooth Hatchery) Map
789 3A-Clearwater_SF Clearwater Summer Steelhead (B-Run Hatchery) Map
790 20A-Salmon_Lemhi Summer Steelhead (A-Run-Pahsimeroi Hatchery) Map
791 12B-Salmon_Little Salmon Summer Steelhead (B-Run-Dworshak-Hatchery) Map
792 22B-Salmon_East Fork Salmon Summer Steelhead (B-Run Dworshak-Hatchery) Map
793 23C-Salmon_Upper Salmon Summer Steelhead (Upper Salmon B-Run Program) Map
794 Yakima Fall Chinook (LWS-Hatchery) Map
795 Cowlitz_Lower Cowlitz Coho (Type N Hatchery) Map
796 Cowlitz_Toutle Coho (Early-Type S Hatchery) Map
797 Cowlitz_Toutle Coho (Early-Type S Natural) Map
798 Elochoman Coho (Late- Type N Hatchery) Map
799 Grays Coho (Late-Type N-Hatchery) Map
802 John Day_MF John Day Spring Chinook Map
803 John Day_NF John Day Spring Chinook Map
806 Walla Walla Touchet Summer Steelhead (Lyons Ferry-Hatchery) Map
809 Umatilla Fall Chinook (Stepping Stone Hatchery) Map
810 Umatilla Spring Chinook (Stepping Stone Hatchery) Map
811 Umatilla Summer Steelhead (HSRG-Hatchery) Map
813 Okanogan Summer Steelhead (Wells-Hatchery) Map
814 22C-Salmon_East Fork Salmon Summer Steelhead (A-Run Pahasimeroi-Hatchery) Map
819 Upper Middle Columbia Mainstem Summer Chinook Map
820 6C-Clearwater_Lower Mainstem_Spring Chinook (NPTH-Hatchery) Map
821 Methow_Twisp Spring Chinook Map
822 Wenatchee_Nason Spring Chinook Map
823 Wenatchee_White Spring Chinook Map
824 Methow Summer Steelhead (Stepping Stone Hatchery) Map
825 Wenatchee Summer Steelhead (Stepping Stone Hatchery) Map
826 Methow Summer Chinook (Wells Hatchery) Map
827 3-Clearwater_SF Clearwater_Crooked River Summer Steelhead (B-Run) Map
828 4-Clearwater_South Fork Clearwater_Newsome Creek Spring Chinook Map
960 Columbia Estuary_Chum (Sea Resources) Map
981 24A-Imnaha_Little Sheep Summer Steelhead Map
982 9a-Imnaha Spring-Summer Chinook (Stepping Stone Hatchery) Map
983 24b-Imnaha_Little Sheep Summer Steelhead (Stepping Stone Hatchery) Map
984 Columbia Estuary_Mill-Aber-Germ Fall Chinook (HSRG Hatchery) Map

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